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Drug Crime Lawyers - Naperville, IL

Even the most minimal drug charges can affect your ability to get a job or to receive financial aid for college. At Kuhn, Heap & Monson, our attorneys have 40+ years of experience defending clients against drug charges in the state of Illinois.

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Experienced Defense Lawyers for Drug Crimes

Our attorneys at Kuhn, Heap & Monson have represented countless clients accused of a variety of crimes, including drug charges, such as:

  • Delivery of a Controlled Substance
  • Drug Paraphernalia Charges
  • Drug Cultivation
  • Drug Delivery
  • Drug Manufacturing
  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Possession w/ Intent to Deliver
  • Drug Sales / Selling
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Federal Drug Defense
  • Illegal Distribution or Possession

**Some common drug crimes and charges in Illinois include those involving – crack, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamines, opiates and prescription drugs.

How to Win a Drug Crime Case?

Some Common Drug Crime Defenses

  • Drugs belonged to another person
  • Entrapment 
  • Missing Evidence
  • Planted Drugs 
  • Preliminary Hearing / Probable Cause – The first opportunity to win a drug crime case is at the preliminary hearing. An experienced drug crime defense attorney may be able to prove to a judge that the prosecution lacks probable cause. A lack of probable cause by the court will result in a dismissal of the complaint
  • Unlawful Search & Seizure – The Constitution of the Unites States guarantees the right to due process of law

Our attorneys take pride in their ability to solve legal problems for our clients, both large and small. We always make the time to speak with you during the process and will never leave you in the dark regarding the status of your case. We are prior prosecutors with decades of experience. We work for YOU and YOUR RIGHTS!

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Contact Kuhn, Heap & Monson to set up a free initial consultation with a drug crime / drug offense defense lawyer. Kuhn, Heap & Monson has served individuals and businesses throughout Chicagoland since 1978. We focus on creating tailor-made legal solutions with personal service to each and every client we serve.


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