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What is a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement (or premarital agreement) is a contract between both parties prior to a marriage that spells out financial rights and responsibilities in the event of a divorce – this can include property rights and claims to income. In the right circumstances prenuptial agreements can be very useful.

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What are common reasons a couple should get a prenup?

Prenuptial agreements can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. One person may have significant existing assets or wealth that they want to protect, including future income. A person may anticipate receiving future property such as an inheritance, they may also be in the fortunate position of having multi-generational wealth in their family. Beyond financial concerns – prenuptial agreements can make an eventual divorce much more efficient, and less costly and time consuming.

Can a prenup agreement be discarded if both parties agree that they don’t want it anymore?

Yes – parties involved in a contract (such as prenuptial agreement) are free to mutually disregard the terms or change the terms in the future.

Who is a prenup right for?

There is not an exact answer. However, the following people should seriously consider getting a prenuptial agreement:

  • Anyone who wants their divorce process to end more efficiently if it ever occurs
  • People getting married multiple times
  • People who anticipate receiving property in the future through inheritance during the marriage
  • People with children from a prior relationship for whom they want to make plans for
  • People with significant wealth

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