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Having a child charged with a crime is a serious and stressful ordeal for any parent. Parents need a lawyer who will truly care about their child’s future. They need a lawyer who will an aggressive advocate who will fight to protect their child now so that youthful mistakes will not last a lifetime.

Minors can be charged with any offense that an adult can be charged with in the adult courts. However, juvenile law is conducted in an entirely different system, with different punishments and procedures.

In our juvenile law practice, we meet frequently with families to figure out the best possible course of action within the juvenile court system. We routinely work with the police, probation officers, and counselors to determine what is truly in the best interest of the minor who finds him or herself in juvenile court. Our lawyers are personally invested in preventing juvenile crime before it starts. Attorney Robert A. Heap has addressed junior high school classes and drug awareness programs (including D.A.R.E.), educating them about important aspects of juvenile law.

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